The Most Advanced Smart Key Management SystemSignOS.

SignOS is a software KMS (key management service). It provides the security guarantees of a physical HSM in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment. It makes setting up and running a highly available and secure validator as easy as deploying an AWS instance.


  • No Hardware

    Allows to run full-cloud and hybrid-cloud validators - You don’t need to drive to the datacenter to fix your node.

  • Innovate

    Multi-chain support with a single deployment. Spin up a validator in seconds and connect to SignOS. No custom hardening or setup.

  • Enterprise

    Custom access control module allows you to adapt SignOS to your processes. Add a new chain in the web interface and granular RBAC.

  • Security

    Protection against compromise of any validator node with built Double signing protection. Eliminate your slashing risk.

  • Reduce Costs

    Forget building a single extremely secure server and costly (fortress) server. You can run multiple economical validators in tandem.

  • Plug'n'play

    Use an intuitive web interface to manage your chains and keys - plug your existing validator infrastructure right into it.

  • Control

    You own all of the systems and keys, we just provide the software. Unlike other service providers that control all of your keys.

Ultimate Solution

Future Tech

All complexity around high-availability (running multiple validators) and double signature protection is handled within SignOS which can be hosted in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise. You don’t need sentries as you can run multiple validators (to shield off DDoS) and can run them on the public internet since the compromise of any host in your network cannot lead to losing the keys and won’t allow the attacker to double sign.

That allows you to apply normal DevOps practices for validators i.e. scale up, spin up a new node if one fails (as easy as running a Web server) and massively reduce operational costs.

Where before you had to invest hours of engineering and potentially even drive to the datacenter to deploy a new HSM, spinning up a node for a new chain/zone is as easy as generating a new key on the web interface and connecting the blockchain node to the SignOS cluster.


Ultimate Solution

FeatureSignOSYubiHSM 2AWS
Nano S
Highly Available
Enterprise-Grade: Made for 24/7 Usage(Lacks audit)
Multi-Chain Capable(Limited to 4)
Double Signature Protection(Only Cosmos)
Cloud-Native(Single Cloud)(No secure Key Storage)
Supports New Signature Schemes (e.g. BLS)(Does not even support ed25519 for cosmos)