Enterprise-grade validator architecture
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Certus One is the premier validator for distributed ledger technology (DLT). Leveraging cutting-edge enterprise architecture and proprietary technology, Certus One offers unrivaled performance for proof-of-stake blockchains.

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    • Delegation

      Trust Our Validators to Minimize Risk and Maximize Rewards.

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    • SignOS

      Revolutionary Software Based Smart Key Management System.

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    Why We
    Are Here

    We believe in pushing the limits and advancing the reliability, security and performance of blockchain networks.

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      Certus One’s accomplishments are incredibly impressive. They had the most precommits, flawless uptime, led the GoS 6 hard fork. They helped out in validating the genesis transactions and provided a fix for the state machine bug in the first Game of Stakes network. They clearly dominated Game of Stakes and cemented their reputation as one of the best validators.

      — Zaki Manian (Director of Tendermint Labs)

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      After extensive due diligence, we opted to stake our assets with Certus One. They are the sharpest technical team that we have encountered and are highly respected by their peers. It has been a pleasure to work with them and hugely insightful.

      — Charlie Morris (CMCC Global)

    Core Directives

    • Security

      Reduce Risk with World class security — Both physical and software

    • Engineering

      State-of-the-art multi-validator architecture coupled with arrays of sentry nodes

    • Software

      Security by design, proprietary key management system and monitoring

    • Infrastructure

      Enterprise-grade hardware hosted in multiple top tier datacenters with built-in safeguards

    • Reporting

      Transparent on-chain Auditable Reports & Compliance

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    • ISO 27001
    • SOC 2 Type I