Blockchain Experts with a focus on security

We are a team of dedicated blockchain, systems engineering and security experts focused on blockchain development and infrastructure.

Validator Service

Certus One offers the most secure and stable validation service for PoS currencies.

PoS distributed staking
API Service

We offer auto-scaling API/RPC hosts for Tendermint based chains. Our Stargazer API delivers easy analytics endpoints.

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Blockchain Infrastructure

Use Certus One's expertise and tooling to run highly available and secure blockchain architecture for your project.

hosting baas security
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Validator Service

We provide the most secure validation service for PoS chains.

12.5% commission

Having won the Game of Stakes and knowing the code of Cosmos very well, our team built custom software to run the most stable and secure validator.

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IRIS Network
15% commission

We've validated on the IRIS testnets from the beginning on. Since IRIS is based on Cosmos we can use our proprietary technology to provide the best service.

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What makes us different

We are pairing a deep understanding of blockchain platforms with low level systems engineering and operations experience. We're active participants in Blockchain communities and known for our contributions, including various vulnerabilities we discovered and an extensive Validator Operations Knowledge Base.

  • Deep technical understanding
  • Hands-on experience
  • Strong partners

The Expert Team

Our team consists of cyber security, infrastructure and development experts with wide ranging experiences in DLTs.

Hendrik Hofstadt CEO
Leopold Schabel CTO

We got you covered

Our team is looking forward to working out a custom solution with you.

Delegate with us

Delegate your tokens with the technically most advanced and secure validator or use our expertise to run a white-label validator.

Build a DApp with us

Our deep technical understanding can help you choose the perfect platform for your project and help your team implement it.

Let us design your infrastructure

Make use of our experience in running secure blockchain infrastructure to improve the security & reliability of your systems.

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